About the Book

Before kindergarten, Nick Phillips was a funny, happy child. He loved to jump off the couch or bed and land in splits, loved trucks and trains, and could play in the dirt or rocks all day long.

Then, in kindergarten, his handwriting suddenly worsened. One day he lost his balance, and after that everything worsened daily. Seven agony-filled weeks later, the horrific diagnosis came: adrenoleukodystrophy. The name for the disease is an ugly word, but the illness itself is a million times uglier.
I Love Him More tells Nick’s story and that of his family—a tale of hope, peace, perseverance, and ultimate victory. It follows him from the beginning, through his diagnosis and life with the disease to his passing at the age of twenty-three. This personal narrative and testimony shares a young man’s love for his family and his Heavenly Father, his family’s love for him, and God’s love for them all and for all of you. If you are suffering, you can find encouragement and warmth in the love presented here and know that you are never alone in this life.

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