Happy Birthday in Heaven, Nick!

Well, today is August 7,2022.  You are 27 years old today.  You have been in heaven almost 4 years.  Your monument is decorated with hydrangeas this year, green and purple ones.  It is lovely.  I went and got 12 greenish white roses yesterday and made a bouquet to put in front of your monument on some old bricks from your great-mamaw’s old chimney.  I think you would love it.  I got a card and put on your monument.  It says “Son, there’s something amazing about your birthday.”  Then the inside says “Coolness never ages”.  Snoopy is playing the sax and the song really plays.  I edited the card to make it more right for your birthday this year.  On the inside, I wrote “1. You get to celebrate it in Heaven. 2. Coolness never ages”!  I can see that little smile you would get to pacify me when you read it.  Lol.  I adore you.  Cannot wait to be with you there!!


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