Birthday Week Blessings

I turned 61 on Wednesday.  Last Saturday, a butterfly landed on my hand and just sat there about a minute.  On Tuesday, I got two butterfly birthday cards in the mail.  Wednesday, I got a birthday text from a dear friend and she put a butterfly on the end.  On my birthday, Abby gave me a new devotional.  When I opened the pages, I asked her if she had moved the bookmark in it.  She said “no”.  It was open on  June 15 (my birthday).  I got a new cap in Gatlinburg that says “Love Never Fails”.  The same weekend that I got that, back at home, Abby had bought me two pairs of socks and one pair says “Love Never Fails”.  She got the socks the night before I got the cap.  You should’ve seen her face when I opened those socks and we realized that, too.  Someone said there are a lot of “Godwinks” in Nick’s book.  I like to call them little gifts from God.  Anyway, there sure have been a lot of them this week.  Thank you, Jesus.  Hope you are having a lot of little gifts from God this week!

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